Don't worry any longer about infected websites or mailcious attachments!

CyberJail® allows you to use the WWW as safe as never before:
Untrusted websites and unknown code is executed in an isolated area (the "jail") within the powerful CyberJail®-Appliance. There is absolutely no usable connection a mailcous code could use to inspect or get in touch with your network!

There is no diffrence for the user: Surf the web using a standard browser, up- or download your data, check your mails and open any attachment without fear!

CyberJail® works with PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones!

Advantages of the CyberJail®-Appliance:

CyberJail® works perfectly with your mobile devices (smartphones,notebooks and tablets)!
Surfing the web, using webbased apps and mailing is then done within CyberJail® and not on your hard-to-control mobile device any more.

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